S4B, S5B & ER-50

-Main Use

  • Bilge discharge for Small vessels, Chain locker,
  • Bilge discharge from small section

ER-65 to 125


  • Bilge discharge at ship bottom,
  • Bilge discharge at cargo hold

ER-150 to 250


  • Ballast discharge for Cargo ship or Tanker

FCD-ER-200N to 400N


  • Ballast discharge for Bulk-cargo ship or Tanker of large scal

FC-ER-12×8×14 to 16×10×20


  • Tanker cargo stripping discharge

This device is for discharging water from the ship to the sea as a water jet pump.
In operation, the pressure water enters the eductor through the nozzle and produces a high-velocity jet. This jet action creates a vacuum in the line which causes the suction of bilge water or ballast water, to follow up to the body of the eductor where the water jet discharges to the sea